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About our Business Communication Solutions

Panasonic Communication Solutions

Pushing boundaries to keep the world connected

The lines between home and office have blurred. Physical boundaries rarely come between you, your team and your customers. So you need technology you can rely on to communicate freely with each other, wherever you are and however you decide to communicate.

Through restless innovation, Panasonic Communication Solutions is developing products that meet today’s rapidly evolving challenges. From SIP phones to PBX phone systems. From OCR scanning to network scanning. It’s why our phone systems are behind one in every six conversations that take place in the world. And why we’re constantly pushing for new ways to help you work more efficiently and effectively in any location - with minimal impact on the environment. 

By being a true Global Communication Supplier we understand the needs of every culture, wealthy or financially challenged, advanced or developing. We’re here to support and help people connect and communicate on every level.

Discover how we’re opening up new ways of working. And how, with flexible technologies and passionate customer service, we’re here to maintain your freedom to communicate.