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Panasonic TOUGHBOOK rugged laptops, tablets & handhelds


Panasonic – leading the world in rugged laptops and tablets since 1996

When people ask, “Which are the best rugged laptops and tablets in the world?”, we believe there are several factors that mean Panasonic TOUGHBOOK is the right answer.

Our heritage, our track record of success, our specialist engineering, sector expertise and ‘voice of the customer’ approach, our world-class service and commitment to innovation – they all combine to put TOUGHBOOK rugged laptops and tablets one step ahead. 

But if that is still a subjective answer, when it comes to the question of who is the world market leader in rugged computing, the answer is absolutely definitive. Panasonic TOUGHBOOK.

Since we created the rugged computing market more than two decades ago, we’ve established ourselves as no.1 in the category, and have maintained our position as Oceania’s leading rugged notebook and tablet manufacturer.


Different is in our DNA

What really sets TOUGHBOOK apart – and why we’re the logical choice for your organisation – is the reason for our existence. Our DNA.

We believe in helping businesses like yours across Oceania to be better. To be able to do more. To be able to work in ways that were previously impossible. To be able to offer better service. To be more productive.

And to do that, we believe in being different. Different from other mobile technology manufacturers. More in tune with what users need. More specialised in matching their requirements to our rugged technology.

Starting from the moment of conception, everything we do is about being better, more expert, more fit-for-purpose than anything else in the market.

Like the people who use our technology: ‘Different is in our DNA’.


Listening to the voice of our customers

From day one, we’ve built our reputation – and our success in the market – on the needs, objectives and requirements of our customers. By talking to them, planning with them and, most importantly, listening to them, we’ve equipped our TOUGHBOOK rugged mobile PCs and tablets with technology that’s uniquely designed to beat the access barriers encountered daily in a range of industries. 

Every form, feature and function of every notebook, tablet or handheld device is created for a specific purpose. Nothing is left to chance. Whatever challenges and conditions your mobile staff face in their daily jobs, TOUGHBOOK has already been rigorously tested to withstand them, keeping your teams productive, efficient and profitable.

That’s why today, when people describe or discuss durable or rugged laptops, they simply say, ‘TOUGHBOOK’.