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We’re constantly working in partnership with renowned institutes and industry experts to generate insight into IT in today’s commercial world. Based on direct customer contact and in-depth analysis of the market, our research is an ideal source of information when you’re making your IT purchasing decisions.

You’ll find all of our reports and research below.

  • Cleaning & Sanitising IT Devices

    When working in various industries such as food processing, research, healthcare and chemical processing, it's critical that professionals keep their equipment clean and sanitised to reduce or eliminate the spread of bacteria and germs. The same rule applies to a computer, tablet or handheld device, as they are in routine contact with user’s hands and can potentially become contaminated. Learn more about what disinfentant wipes have been trialed and tested to suit our range of tough devices.

  • Android on the March

    The march of Android mobile devices into the business world continues at pace, according to technology buyers in our latest research. The flexibility and functionality of Android devices remain very attractive to organisations looking to equip their mobile workers with computing tools that can boost their productivity. But how IT departments effectively manage and secure these devices remains a challenge.

  • Rugged Confusion: Advice For Buyers Of Rugged Mobile Computing Devices

    Buyers beware. With an increasing number of manufacturers adding a wide range of rugged sounding names and classifications to their computing devices, it's very easy to buy an inappropriate solution for a mobile workforce. This independent research conducted by Opinion Matters shows that the language being used by manufacturers of business and consumer devices is confusing the marketplace, and will help you navigate through the smog, providing you with useful tips and questions when considering the right type of device.

  • Pay Now, Save Later: The Business Case for Rugged Devices

    There can be no doubt that the introduction of mobile technology is driving huge productivity gains for mobile workers and their employers across many different industries. But the cost of this mobile revolution is, in many cases, far higher than it needs to be, especially for those who have overlooked investing in rugged devices. This IDC research paper will allow you to estimate the savings for your organisation, and will help convince IT decision-makers to invest now to save later.

  • Rugged Handheld Tablet Benchmark Test

    In this whitepaper, Panasonic explores user insights into the use of Toughpad handheld tablets vs competitor devices, reviews the health implications of angled barcode readers for their users, and reviews the results of a newly commissioned 500 user survey into best practice
    workflow in ruggedised handheld devices.

  • The Business Benefits of Vehicle Mounted Tablets & Notebooks

    The business benefits of providing mobile workers with rugged tablets and notebooks to boost productivity have become widely accepted over the past decade. However, the willingness of businesses to invest in vehicle-mounted docks and cradles to efficiently secure and safely house these devices has lagged far behind. This whitepaper clearly defines the associated benefits in order to help you make a more informed business decision.

  • The Rise Of Hybrid Devices

    Despite the promise of tablets to revolutionise mobile working, our latest research shows that the laptop remains the preferred choice for the mobile workforce. The additional surprise from the research was the increased confidence from the workforce for convertible and detachable hybrid devices to improve productivity over the coming years.

  • Rugged Devices & Process Automation in the Oil and Gas Industry

    The abrupt drop in oil prices has forced companies to think about the options of cutting operational costs, striving to improve their asset sustainability and achieve maximum employee productivity. Recent Panasonic research below indicates that investing in process automation and developing mobile IT infrastructure raises the productivity of companies and ensures a short payback period, even in times of crisis.

  • All You Need To Know About Rugged Computing

    In today’s mobile computing market, it can be difficult to understand what the term “rugged” really means. It's reasonable for a buyer to expect that a device marketed as rugged is at least a little more durable than a standard off-the-shelf consumer product, but how durable and in what ways? How can buyers of laptops or tablets be assured the devices they are investing in will be reliable when it counts the most?

    This whitepaper addresses everything you need to know about rugged tablet and laptop claims so you can make a more informed decision for your business.

  • Turbulence with tablets?

    The introduction of the first generation of Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) in the aviation industry delivered a range of initial benefits but we see airlines are now beginning to recognise the risks involved in deploying consumer or non-specialist tablets at the heart of their EFB solutions.