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Why choose a Panasonic Broadcast & ProAV solution?

Panasonic is a leading supplier of professional broadcast and video solutions. Our innovation in the sector is illustrated by the fact that the Panasonic P2HD Series played a pivotal role in the switch to file-based broadcasting and video production workflows. Leading European broadcasters have already switched to P2 since it was introduced in 2005, and industry specialists value the outstanding reliability, speed and rewrite performance of our solutions.

In response to the growing need for 3D image production, Panasonic offers a high-quality 3D production solution, based on our expertise in all facets of visual technology. Our integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorders combine excellent flexibility, portability and operating ease, and eliminate many of the time-consuming processes that are common to conventional rig-type camera production.

While our next-generation AVCCAM camcorder range offers incredible advantages over tape-based MPEG-2 HDV systems; with solid state SD cards, fast, life-based IT workflow, and ultra reliability without the need for external gear.

Our professional broadcast range is truly end-to-end. It offers solutions featuring HD studio cameras, convertible camera systems, live switchers and HD recorders, HD/SD monitors, and energy-efficient LCD monitors which deliver superior picture quality.