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Professional Monitors for Broadcast & ProAV for Business

Professional Monitors

Panasonic’s professional monitors give you the freedom to monitor high-quality images anywhere. Combining advanced technology, portability and robust design, our professional production monitors offer a balanced and neutral reproduction of your footage regardless of where you are located – be it in a small studio, out in the field or in an outside broadcast van.

Key features of our monitors include:

Tough and mobile design: with rugged die-cast aluminium or magnesium frames

Crystal clear image production: incorporating leading screen technologies, with LCD, to deliver a Full HD picture

3D-LUT & 6-Axis colour correlation and 3D-LUT 6-Pole colour correction: helps reduce hue shift and colour drift caused by changes of brightness. Our professional displays and monitors make the most of this technology to ensure you get faithful colour reproduction across all images (excludes BT-LH910G monitor)

High speed response: supported with an overdrive circuit to improve response times

Cine gamma compensation: supports feature, television, commercial, documentary and live-event production.

Black mode: makes dark image areas in low light scenes easier to see and is particularly useful for movie production and TV commercials.

Cross hatch overlay: offers a cross hatch overlay at 120-dot intervals, which is helpful for when you need to quickly check the tilt of the camera.

Power save mode: helps to minimise power consumption when no signal is received for sixty seconds.