Professional Panasonic Studio Cameras for Business

Studio Camera Systems

Panasonic’s studio camera systems give you the freedom to capture live events in incredible detail. Delivering a highly cost-effective solution for 4K and HD live production, they are readily being used in a variety of different situations – for broadcast studios, live sport productions, live event capture, and for higher education, too.

Our comprehensive range of live broadcast and studio cameras provide options for 4K, 2K, High Frame Rate (HFR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR), and have been specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of live production.

We also have a comprehensive selection of products that have been designed to sit within existing workflows and offer a level of familiarity to the end-user – from camera control units and remote operations panels, to viewfinders and build-up units.


Studio Camera Systems in Action

Our studio camera systems have been used to capture some of the largest live events globally, including the Olympic Games and live events from Disney.