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Quality increases while costs reduced for aerial filming with Panasonic and Kaan Air cooperation

Kaan Aviation makes helicopter filming which is commonly needed for shooting advertisements easier, cost effective and better quality by means of easy to mount Panasonic HD cameras.

Kaan Aviation, established in 2000 within the structure of Başları Holding has been providing aviation services since 2002 such as its aerodrome and maintenance services. They have also been providing high resolution helicopter filming and photography services for companies which require these services for advertising, promotion or scientific purposes. Kaan Aviation, being the distributor and technical consultant of several companies such as Agusta Westland along with its air taxi services, holds the title of the owner of the largest heliport available in Turkey

There is no need for renting equipment from abroad for quality aerial filming! This advantageous solution created by Kaan Aviation together with Panasonic will eliminate the high costs and quality issues which many production companies and corporate brands have experienced in the pursuit of brand development and its visualization process. Aerial filming of facilities, stores and construction sites of many organizations which have demanded such services in the period before Kaan Aviation and Panasonic cooperation were provided with images shot with drones. Yet, this kind of aerial filming did not always provide the desired quality as a result of the vibrations produced by these machines.

Kaan Aviation makes it possible for production companies to achieve high quality results using mountable Panasonic cameras. As a result, production companies which once had to rent equipment from abroad with high costs, now have the chance to obtain the high quality they were seeking in Turkey

Kaan Aviation is now using its new Panasonic appliances for a project involving aerial monitoring of high-voltage transmission lines in Turkey. Four cameras take pictures while a video camera is filming in HD and two cameras, one being ultraviolet and the other thermal, scan the region being monitored. M. Kemal Süler, PIC, General Manager of Kaan Aviation explains the reason behind their preference of Panasonic HD Box cameras for this project: “We have come to the decision that Panasonic has distinguished itself from its competitors with its gyroscopic features, color, definition and high image quality. We have obtained impressive results even though it has only been a year since the project was launched.” 

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Adding value to advertisement and promotion industry Murat Özer, team leader of the project and also General Director of Başları Publishing refers to the results of this cooperation as: “Our goal is to add value with new projects using helicopters in aerial filming which is a field merely advanced in Turkey. We can say that from now on production companies will obtain better quality results with low costs when they need aerial images in order to be used in advertorial films. Panasonic HD Box camera offers top notch features. It is crucial to be able to zoom, calibrate and adjust similar settings in the helicopter in order not to compromise from films recorded in HD. This system consisting of Panasonic cameras with gyroscopic features neutralizes the vibrations produced by the helicopter and it allows for adjustments to be performed in the cabin with its advanced control system.” 

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Gökhan Erdoğan, Director of Corporate Products of Panasonic Turkey, says that the secret behind their success is the ability to provide custom solutions that take customer needs in consideration beforehand and adds: “Production companies need to keep their operations cost-efficient while they provide high quality services meeting customer demands. Renting equipment from foreign countries is one of the sources of these high costs. In Panasonic, we assist our business partners to direct their resources at more important aspects with the support we provide in this field.” 


panasonic, professional camera, aerial filming, hd filming, remote camera

Director of Corporate Products of Panasonic Turkey Gökhan Erdoğan