• El Clásico played in 4K

El Clásico played in 4K

Panasonic cameras used to broadcast Barcelona vs Real Madrid in 4K for the first time.

The Panasonic AK-UC3000 has been used by Mediapro for the first live 4K broadcast of the Barcelona vs Real Madrid El Clásico match.

One of the biggest club matches in world football, El Clásico is broadcast in 170 countries, with an estimated audience of 600 million viewers. Mediapro deployed more than 300 professionals and seven OB trucks, one of them equipped with eight Panasonic 4K cameras, for the live 4K broadcast.  

The Mediapro Group is the leading technical services supplier to the audiovisual sector in Spain. The company produces and distributes audiovisual content, administers and distributes sporting events, is a film and interactive content producer and supplier of post-production services.

In November 2015, in response to a commitment by LaLiga to offer the most spectacular football in the highest broadcast quality, Mediapro trialled ten of the new 4K studio cameras, at the first El Clásico match of the season at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, with outstanding results.

For the return clash at Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium, the AK-UC3000 was again selected alongside a new ROP control panel, jointly developed with Mediapro, which meant new functionality, higher quality and greater versatility.

Building on success

In order to find the right solution, earlier in the season, Mediapro conducted a quality and functionality test on UHD cameras during the Liga Adelante game between Leganés and Alcorcón. 

During this test, Mediapro considered quality control, image, adjustment speeds and colour temperatures. Having analysed the various options for latest-generation UHD studio cameras, Mediapro opted to equip its new mobile unit with the Panasonic AK-UC3000 cameras.

“We hope that the Barcelona-Real Madrid game will be a kick start for high-end, 4K production in Spain”

Toni Feliú, Senior Manager for ProAV at Panasonic Spain, said, "After hearing that we had been announced as the winners of the trials, the Barcelona-Real Madrid game was recorded and broadcast. Something that had seemed science fiction just a few months before had become a reality."

The camera provides 4K image quality and supports the technological leap that Panasonic has wanted to make in the field of broadcast studio equipment. The camera is small in size and is compatible with B4 mount lenses. It features a balance between the various image quality parameters: high sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, high resolution, and large dynamic range.

Toni Feliú, added, “Because the costs are moderate, the installation simple, and the integration with third party products is very convenient, we hope that the Barcelona-Real Madrid game will be a kick start for high-end, 4K production in Spain”


Successful partnership

Mediapro professionals expressed their appreciation that Panasonic had listened to their requirements and had implemented these in the final product, for example, by improving ease of operation and handling.

Dani Lozano, El Clásico Producer at Mediapro, said, "Panasonic listened to us as customers and implemented the things we needed in our day-to-day production, things that we thought were necessary in order to carry out production normally.

"For example, a gamma curve devoted to sports has been introduced. They have also upgraded the actual hardware too, with additional outputs, which are very useful for installations using mobile units."

"Panasonic listened to us as customers and implemented the things we needed."

Claudio Vázquez, OB Vans Technical coordinator at Mediapro, said, "We worked with Panasonic to develop a new control panel - the ROP. It gives us access to something that makes our job easier and offers the operator versatility, facilitating their work. We had great support whilst working with Panasonic and, because it is a shared design, they continue to offer us support."