• WJ-GXD400

Video Decoder

Multi Channel High Definition Video Decoder

  • HDMI video interface
  • Supports up to 256 cameras
  • Browser GUI
  • 25 frames per second

The revolutionary WJ-GXD400 Multi Channel High Definition Video Decoder from Panasonic is part of the market leading i-Pro range.

Equipped with a HDMI Video interface, the WJ-GXD400 can decode MPEG/JPEG image data from the Panasonic i-Pro range of Network Cameras and Video Encoders for control from multiple operator positions. Furthermore, the intelligent Decoder can decode network video and audio streams into HDMI standard signals, allowing high definition displays to be connected to a Panasonic i-Pro system.

The WJ-GXD400 can provide up to 1x 4VGA (1280x960) image with 2x VGA images in a 3 split screen or 6x VGA images in 6 split screen simultaneously. This feature allows for precise identification and multi-screen capabilities taking full advantage of a 1920x1080 high definition display in a manner tailored to the application requirement. Each of the VGA images can be displayed at up to 25 frames per second (30 fps for NTSC model) so that no critical moment is missed.

Up to 256 cameras, including cameras connected to the Panasonic i-Pro Network Video Encoder (WJ-NT304/WJ-NT314) can be registered with the WJ-GXD400.

The WJ-GXD400 supports camera site alarm signal, allowing alarm indication to be displayed and alarm terminal output to be activated. Featuring a gigabit network interface, an embedded OS and the ability to setup via the browser GUI, the WJ-GXD400 is at the forefront of surveillance system equipment with superior reliability.