Automated Stock Consumption (ASC)

  • Reduce your procurement costs
  • Provide the right products at the right time
  • Reduce waste and improve the accuracy of your decision making
  • Save fuel and labour costs

For an airline, monitoring and managing the consumption and availability of in-flight bar and catering products is challenging. Even more difficult is analysing product consumption accurately – identifying the ‘who, when and what’.

But stocking the correct products is critical to passenger satisfaction and, very often, your profitability. It’s with this in mind that Panasonic has introduced its Automated Stock Consumption (ASC) tool.

The solution gives you an accurate view of what products are purchased and used on each flight, providing intelligence that can be segmented by:

  • Flight
  • Time of day
  • Seasonality
  • Destination
  • Most and least consumed

Via an intuitive, user-friendly portal, bar and food consumption is collected and analysed, giving you data that can support informed decision-making across five areas:

  • Product choice
  • Consumption trends
  • Stock value
  • Optimum loading
  • Fuel burn

Using this insight, you can optimise the fuel your aircraft use, decide on the correct products for the correct flights and plan your in-flight loading far more precisely.