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Intelligent Warehouse Solution (iWS)

  • Gain rapid visual intelligence and identification of packages, parts and assets, everywhere on your premises.
  • Ensure efficiency by monitoring your operations at key process points.
  • Increase security, reduce theft, damage and loss, eradicate ‘double handling’.

Thanks to Panasonic’s iWS, you now have instant access to visual intelligence on the movement of packages, parcels, parts and assets throughout your premises and beyond – improving the service you provide and reducing potential risks to your business. 

iWS is a complete solution which includes surveillance cameras, data, network video recording, tracking software and your existing x-ray scanning technology. All combine to monitor the progress of any items through your production or delivery processes, identifying losses, damage or interruptions to their progress and giving you vital visual information when investigations are required.

Pinpoint accuracy through data scanning and video intelligence

On arrival at the beginning of the system, an item is scanned (and optionally x-rayed) and its data entered automatically into a tracking server. Then, whenever an anomaly occurs in the process, the system user has full intelligence on its movement and can pinpoint in minutes, rather than hours, where the issue occurred. This vast reduction in investigation time means many more can be carried out and customer satisfaction is improved.

iWS Light 

For facilities requiring visual intelligence of their operations but not the full iWS solution, Panasonic iWS Light is the affordable, easily configured option. 

This system takes a single snapshot image of an item at the point of scan within a facility. The scanned data and associated image are then stored on the network server so that items can be viewed whenever a simple investigation or verification of its presence within the facility are needed.

What iWS gives you…

  • ID entry – shows routes, scanned items, and predicted cameras.
  • Line selection – displays images associated with a specific line on your predetermined routes, as well as a ‘vari-flow’ visual cursor. 
  • Visual scan – allows your users to manage manual delays, update post-scan time and log incidents.
  • Expandable windows – offer a zoomed-in view of particular points within the route.
  • Save function – means image snapshots and video clips can be captured.