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Panasonic hits new heights at ISE 2019 with 50,000 lumen 4K projector and 'game changing' zero offset lens range

Panasonic has announced the world’s first single body 50,000 lumen 3-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE laser projector with True 4K resolution, and three 'game changing' zero offset lenses designed for 1-Chip and 3-Chip DLP™ projectors.

The PT-RQ50K maintains Panasonic’s trend of creating projectors which combine high brightness with relatively compact dimensions simplifying installation, especially important when working under time constraints at large events. Additionally, a single RQ50K offers the same potential as multiple lower brightness projectors, saving on installation and setup.

The RQ50K combines 50,000 lumens brightness with ultra-sharp native 4K resolution in an easy to handle all-in-one body. In addition, the deployment of separate red and blue SOLID SHINE laser-phosphor drives ensures an advanced level of colour reproduction, providing vibrant and immersive images to engage audiences.

Panasonic has extracted even higher performance from the cooling system technology featured on its flagship 30,000 lumens PT-RQ32K to achieve almost double the brightness within the similar compact body. Hermetically sealed optics and filterless design contribute to its 20,000 hours of maintenance-free projection, even within severe environments.

Reliability is further enhanced with a new ‘dualised’ concept within the projector. In addition to dual laser drives and backup video inputs, the RQ50K also features dual power supplies to ensure total reliability.

The PT-RQ50K is set for release in December 2019. 


Also announced at ISE 2019 was a new range of zero offset projection lenses. The range comprises the ET-DLE020 ultra-short throw zoom lens, the industry’s first featuring powered optical zoom, designed to fit all Panasonic 1-Chip DLP™ projectors. In addition, two lenses have been developed for Panasonic’s high brightness 3-Chip DLP™ laser projectors. The ET-D3LEW200 short-throw zoom lens and ET-D3LEU100 ultra-short throw lens are suitable for 20,000 and 30,000 lumen, WUXGA and 4K+ projectors.

The lenses for 3-chip DLP™ projectors feature a novel L-shaped design which eliminates the issue of screen offset, solving problems associated with image projection from short distances in limited spaces, especially in venues with low ceilings. By virtue of the innovative design, the issue of the visual obstruction caused by some UST lenses that protrude from the projector, has also been eliminated. This also means the projectors can be stacked for redundancy or for multiplying the brightness on a single surface.

Set for release in September 2019, all three lenses have full range powered lens shift to enable greater adjustment flexibility, while the two models with powered zoom simplify image size and position adjustment after installation.

The ET-D3LEU100 ultra-short throw lens supports a 0.37:1 (4K+) throw ratio for large screen projection from very short distances, while the ET-D3LEW200 short-throw zoom lens features powered zoom with a 0.70–0.91:1 (4K+) throw ratio. Both eliminate offset without increasing projection distance. Powered ±59 % (Vertical)  lens shift enables wide ranging adjustments after the projector has been installed. Panasonic’s lens memory function further expedites calibration.

The ET-DLE020 ultra-short throw zoom lens supports a 0.28–0.30:1 (WUXGA) throw ratio and powered lens shift of +50 % to -16 % (V) and +23 % to -10 % (H) to enhance freedom of screen adjustment in all four directions.