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Visual Systems Products and Solutions


The freedom to create & engage

For decades, Panasonic has been relentlessly perfecting technologies, to bring your visual display concepts to life, and make the ultimate visual experience possible. From projection mapping to light shows, digital signage to video walls, from events to museums, our compact, low maintenance projectors and reliable displays are making an impact on users across the world. Whether an outdoor event or indoor exhibition, we give show organisers and event designers the freedom to express their creativity and engage their audiences; without being restrained by technology.

Panasonic provide some of the world’s most innovative visual display technologies, including commercial grade projectors, professional LCD displays, and collaborative workplace communication solutions. Our engineers are experts in image-tuning, image processing, and designing unique solutions for a wide range of professional applications, all delivering superior image quality and definition.

panasonic projectors


Absolute Brilliance

Create engaging experiences with bold, bright, vivid visuals. No matter the venue or size of your audience, our range of projectors will help your creative vision come to life.

See for yourself how Panasonic Projectors outshine the competition and provide unmatched quality and durability.


panasonic solid shine laser technology


Panasonic’s SOLID SHINE Laser technology provides unmatched reliability and long-lasting, uniform brightness that is unprecedented by conventional lamp-based projectors. Utilising solid-state laser light sources and a Panasonic original heat-resistant phosphor wheel, the SOLID SHINE projector range is engineered for continuous 24/7 projection and offers vibrant colours that do not degrade over time. Extended maintenance-free service life, improved installation flexibility, and smoother deployments makes SOLID SHINE Laser a smart choice.

panasonic digital link single cable solution

Digital Link: Simplified All-In-One Connectivity

DIGITAL LINK is an all-in-one data transmission solution that simplifies projector installation in venues of any size, from single units in classrooms to the vast networks used in event staging. Based on the HDBaseT™ standard, AV and control signals can be transmitted over long distances via one cable while integrating into an existing control environment. It’s a simple yet effective technology that works to reduce installation cost and complexity across any type of venue.

panasonic ultrashort throw lenses

Extensive Range of Optional Lenses

The entertainment industry can now bring audiences even closer to the action with visually immersive experiences using Panasonic’s new Zero-Offset Ultra Short Throw (UST) Zoom lenses for both DLP and LCD Laser Projectors. These lenses can be used to exploit every inch of display area with floor-to-ceiling, shadow-free images possible in even the most restricted installation spaces at museums, exhibitions and live events.

panasonic professional lcd displays

Professional LCD Displays

Deliver Your Visual Experience

Today’s students, corporate leaders, and content managers deserve displays that deliver an immersive experience – and not fail at the worst possible time. Panasonic LCD Professional Displays provide an unparalleled visual experience with a full range of sizes and options.


panasonic 4k lcd displays

Why Choose 4K?

As display technology advances, we're seeing more and more large-scale images in public spaces. As screen sizes increase, Full-HD quality can lack sufficient resolution, and intricate details can be lost. When used in places where images are often viewed up close, 4K creates an impressive ambience, making it ideal for signage applications in commercial facilities where you wish to attract attention. Panasonic 4K Professional Displays are also equipped with special technologies that enhance resolution and colour reproduction.

panasonic interface expandability SLOT

Interface Expandability

Expand the flexibility and usability of your compatible Panasonic professional display or projector with SLOT, an expansion slot solution that works with a range of optional proprietary and third-party function boards to adapt the display device to suit your source, application, and feature requirements. Intel® Smart Display Module slots allow the use of third party function boards and models equipped with Panasonic's proprietary SLOT NX are also available offering a wide variety of interfaces for flexible system construction.

panasonic 4k usb media player

Built-In 4K USB Media Player

Automatic media playback by simply inserting a USB memory stick. Compatible with 4K video, digital signage has never been easier, eliminating the need to use a PC or separate media player. Content can be consecutively played without letterboxing and also be switched via LAN control.

panasonic collaboration solutions

Collaboration Solutions

Group Engagement at the Press of a Button

Whether it’s in business or in the classroom, the ability to easily share, collaborate and present information has never been more important. The move away from formal presentations to collaborative and huddle workspaces has also influenced the technology required in these areas. Wireless, one-touch, multimedia capable systems for group working is becoming the norm. As well as the need to instantly collaborate and communicate with colleagues and customers remotely.

Takes The Stress Out Of Hybrid Meetings with PressIT 360: Portable 360° Video Conferencing Solution

Sales Enquires

We’re here to help! Our dedicated team of specialist commercial AV sales consultants are on hand should you need advice or support on your next project. With local team members situated throughout the country, rest assured we'll be there to lend a hand.

Service Technical Support & Repair

Contact our locally based team for all commercial AV product repairs and technical support. Whether your Panasonic Projector or Flat Panel Display is in or out of warranty, it makes sense to have any repairs or services carried out by our authorised specialists using genuine spare parts.