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Projectors - FAQs

Q: My fan speed is quite high and noisy.

A1: Have you checked to see if you have highland mode selected in the menu? Please go to the Option menu and set Altitude to normal. 

A2: Is the filter blocked? Your projector's cooling fans will automatically increase speed to compensate for increased temperature. This can also be caused by a clogged filter as the projector tries to increase air flow. Please clean or replace the filter. 


Q: Picture is not very bright.

A1: Do you have contrast set to 'high'?  if so - please put to normal.

A2: Do you have Lamp Power set to Eco - Mode? Go to Options Menu - Lamp Power and set it to Normal when higher luminance is required such as movies.


Q: The Remote control does not operate.

A: The batteries may be weak or not have been inserted correctly. The remote control signal receptor on the projector may be obstructed. The remote control unit may be out of the operation range.


Q: Menu does not appear on screen:

A: Some models have a feature operated by the remote control which removes the menu from display. Press "On Screen" button on the remote control to restore the menu. 


Q: Projector is shutting down.

A1: Has the lamp exceeded its intended life span? Please replace the lamp. Depending on model, it may be necessary to reset lamp hours. Please refer to the user manual for the procedure. 

A2: The temperature inside and/or outside the projector is abnormally high. Please clean or replace the filter. Remove the object(s) from the ventilation ports or clear around the projector.


Q: The remote control does not operate.

A1: (see below).

A2: IR-Sensor could be deactivated in the menu. Press "Menu" and check the adjustment of remote control.

A3: ID or Code are different between remote control and projector. Press "Menu" and check adjustment of remote control. Factory settings are "ID All" or "Code 1". 


Q: No image form the signal.

A: If projector has already finished with countdown - press "Menu" and check the adjusted input. Some projectors have submenus on each input.  


Q: No image on VGA.

A: Check the input connector on the projector if connected to PC1 or PC2. Please press "Menu" and check and compare the adjusted input.


Q: No connection by LAN to the projector.

A: Please check the network settings. If using a router or DHCP server, please adjust the network settings to DHCP or adjust the IP to the range of your network IP.


Q: No image by WLan with software Wireless Manager. 

A: Please check the available network on your PC. There you should find the projector. Please start software “Wireless Manager”. If the software is not found or you cannot connected to the projector, please check the firewall or additional secure software (firewall, Internet Secure, Anti Virus, etc.).


Q: No full screen on the image.

A1: If you connected analogue signal (VGA), please press "AutoSetup" or "Auto PC-Adjustment" to synchronise the input signal to the projector  

A2: Please press "Menu" and check the adjusted format (4:3/16:9/direct/true/normal)